4 Creative Vending machine Drinks in Japan


So, we wanted to do a post which a lot of people who haven’t visited Japan probably wouldn’t care about – “Vending Machines” (自動販売機  jidohanbaiki). Now, a lot of you who have vending machines in your own countries would probably say – What’s the big deal? It’s Just a vending machine…Well, You’re not even close !!

Japan being Japan has to be different. They have so many vending machines – for drinks ( sometimes food),  for cigarettes and for alcohol – you name it.

So, us being total food snobs, you can obviously guess which one we went for :). Let me tell you – there are so many weird ( some of them awesome) kind of drinks in Japan that you can never manage to try them all ( or so you think :P). A lot of them have weird names too.

In winter times you’ll have a row for hot drinks . Now, we’re from India. Nimi had never experienced winters before Japan and Suki had never seen snow ( surprised ). So there we were shivering in the winter winds ( Nagoya is WINDY) and we happened upon a vending machine – no wait was it 2 or 3 maybe 10 of them – never mind…( you literally walk into them at every corner – sometimes in the middle of nowhere). Well long story short – we were like kids in a candy store. We must have tried more than a 100 different types of drinks.

To add to their awesomeness lets give you an example. Lets say that you’re really thirsty, you spot a vending machine and it has your favorite drink. But then, you open your wallet and see that you’ve run out of change. Sure you could just put in a 1000 yen note to get the change, but we hate that it makes our purse really heavy. Now, you kinda have to get that change if you are just visiting the country but for people who are going to live there – they could just use their IC transportation card – Manaca, Suica and many of the other hundreds of cards in Japan to get yourself a drink. Isn’t that great? bigsmile

And it doesn’t end there. On one of our trips to Tokyo we saw this really cool touchscreen vending machine. We’ve heard that some of them even give you suggestions on what type of drinks you should get. The Japanese are genius – Who wouldn’t wanna use those machines bigsmile

A touchscreen vending machine we came across in Tokyo

So, to give you guys a better idea, we decided on reviewing 4 drinks that we’ve tried:

Creative drinks

1. Pudding Shake (プリンシェイク) by Pokka Sapporo 


This drink really tastes like caramel pudding. You get your can and shake it about 30 times and voila – you get a crushed caramel pudding shake. And it tastes Delicious heart Dessert on the go bigsmile

2. Melon Soda ( メロンソーダ)

Japanese people are crazy about the said fruits. So much that they have melon puddings, melon shaped bread and the actual fruits sometimes cost over $50. Now, this drink has many variations. The one I had was a light green color and didn’t really taste much like melon but  – you should give it a try !!

3. Dydo Grape Soda Jelly


Shake it 10 times or more. And enjoy the Grape jelly with soda. It’s refreshing. If you’ve tried the “mogu mogu” jelly drink, you’ll like this one.

4. Strawberry Milk Tea 

This one is interesting. Being a tea-addict, I just had to try it. But I wasn’t very impressed. If you’re a fan of “Royal Milk Tea”, you might like this one. A bit too sweet for me.

To those of you going to Japan – don’t miss out the vending machine experience. You get to try weird drinks – awesome and disgusting. Trust me – You’ll LOVE them!!

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