Former 3d artist. Loves art, music(singing), dogs and food!

Nimi spends most of her time listening to music, eating new and interesting food, exploring new places Or watching Asian dramas and movies (Hollywood movies too)

She also loves being in the attitude of gratitude(being thankful for all that you have) and believes in the ‘Law of attraction’. If it weren’t for these two, she wouldn’t have reached JAPAN! Call her new age or whatever you like but she also practice Reiki, a healing practice that originated in Japan.

When she goes on trips, she love clicking pics with her DSLR. So, She’ll be in charge of posting most of the pics and videos! Her fellow gaijin will be the head-content writer!


Word of advice: Take all the comments you read on the internet with a grain of salt. If we had believed everything we had read, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So I hope this blog helps you in some way too! ^-^



A former 3D lighting artist, amatuer singer-songwriter who loves to try out different kinds of food, Suki spends most of her time listening to music, reading novels, watching anime, Asian dramas and Hollywood movies.

Like her fellow gaijin, she practices Reiki and believes in the law of attraction. In the future, she wants to become an author songwriter ( if that even exists).

She also loves exploring new places with Nimi because Suki has a horrible sense of direction tongue



Word of advice : Along with all the research on Japan, learn the language (even a little is good) and don’t be afraid to actually use it, even if you make mistakes. The Japanese people will appreciate it. So, in this blog, we’d like to put in SOME of the Japanese words that we know so you can learn ^-^


Here’s a video we made on our first day in Japan. Enjoy!