6 Reasons to visit a cat cafe


Who said cats were just for crazy cat ladies. Well certainly not in Japan! They are very popular with people of all age groups. So, What are cat cafes’? – hmm, well they’re a cross between pet shops and a cafe, where you can drink your coffee and hang out with cats. It’s really popular in Japan because it’s very convenient. The Japanese people live in small apartments which does not really have much space for pets. And even if they do, many apartments have rules against having one. The perfect solution – an animal cafe!

The first cat cafe in Japan was opened in Osaka, in the year 2004 . Since then there have been many kinds of cat cafe’s that have been opened pertaining to the customer’s requirements – from different kinds of cats to serving alcoholic beverages…. Cat Cafe’s have started popping up in different places across the globe so pretty soon its gonna be quite normal to have cat cafes’ in your country. Well we’re not complaining if the animals get a nice home and are treated right!

These cats are well fed and live in a clean environment and have lots of toys to play with. Japan takes it a bit further by asking people to remove their shoes when they visit, wash their feet and wear one of the clean slippers available to them. The result – healthy cats!

So, what can you do here……? To help you decide, we’re gonna list out our top 6 reasons you should visit a cat cafe. –

1. For people who can’t have pets  :

Many of us really want pets and some are really unlucky not to own one. For whatever reason that may be, we don’t have to deprive ourselves anymore – If you can’t have one at home – go to cafe and hang out with the cats – GENIUS tongue . Now, it does have a very strong cat smell but we think it’s totally worth it because we get to pet cats. We weren’t really into cats before going to one – but the experience totally changed us!

2. Help save a life :


Hundreds and thousands of stray cats are put to death in Japan every years. The cat cafe help save them by giving them a home. The more the people visit a cat cafe, the more the increase in number of cat cafes. So you are actually saving lives of many animals, however indirectly. Its also a great way for animals from shelters to be rehabilitated, by getting them used to human contact. You should be proud for helping out!

3. Adopt a cat : 

You might have thought of getting yourself a cat. and you have to learn a lot about taking care of one. You can do that in a cat cafe. Many cafes’ even sell you cat food and you can take down notes on the proper way to take care of them! Also, since some of the cats come from shelter, you might be allowed to adopt one, provided there are no rules against having a pet where you live.

4. Animal therapy :


There are animals across the world that are trained to provide service. But there are other kinds of service that even “untrained” animals can provide just by being there when you need them.  The cats in the cafe’s are  therapeutic to Japanese business people. These people are hardworking and well sometimes – workaholics. The cats take away the stress of the job and allows them to relax. So, if you ever feel stressed out, do visit one!

5. Perfect for dates :

On a lighter note – animal lovers will find this a perfect dating spot. A lot of people will probably be tired going to the same places on dates – why not get creative! In Japan, people love going to cat cafe’s with their partners. It’s a wonderful way to spend time together! You can even take your books with you and spend a quite day with the cats…..

6. Make new friends :


Can anyone guess the anime the ‘Cat plushie’ is from?

Most of you are really interested in Making foreign friends. Being a foreigner in Japan can be a little difficult. So, if you wanna make some new friends, you could probably go to a night club or something like that but our go to place would probably be a cat cafe or any animal cafe. In our books, someone who loves animals can’t be bad person .

Don’t worry , if you are not a cat person, Japan has other cafes’ for you – filled with owls, pigeons, dogs. rabbits, reptiles and even penguins! Be sure to visit them!

Your thoughts…

Have you ever visited any of the animal cafe’s in Japan or any other places? What were your reasons for visiting  one?

Let us know in the comments below. Meanwhile – we go get ourselves some kitties !!

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